Safe to run

Getting started

Account setup

To get started, head over to and create an account.

Creating tokens

In order to set up organisations and applications using either Terraform or the command line tool you will first need to create a token on the admin portal.
To create a token, after logging in - select 'tokens' on the right hand action bar, and then click 'create token'
Do not share these tokens - they need to be kept secret
Once you have created a token, you can retrieve a copy of that key whenever you need it by going to

Creating an organisation

The next thing you'll need to do after creating an account and generating a token is to create an organisation.
Click "Configure" in order to use the interactive in-browser UI to create an organisation.
If you have previously created an organisation, type listOrgs to view the organisations you already have.
To create a new organisation, enter the following:
createOrg <your organisation ID> <Organisation name>
Once this is complete, verify that your organisation has been created by using the listOrgs command

Create an application

An organisation can have many applications. In order to create an application, try the following command in the terminal
createApp <organisation ID from above> <Your application name>
In order to see your created applications for a particular organisation, you can use the following command:
listApps <organisation id> false
The "false" flag above indicates whether or not to show the API keys of applications. Switch this to true will print out an API key.

Application setup

Next - configure the application to use Safe to run logger:


The final step is to analyse the results. You can do this using the safe to run - plus portal and going to the 'reports' section. Simply add the start & end date and click 'export' - a CSV will be generated for you to download with every logged check.